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Lecture on ‘How To Write A Good Essay’ for first year undergraduates

Created for and delivered to first year undergraduates on the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences programme at University College, run by Carl Gombrich.  If you wish to use or reproduce please contact me first. Slides here Audio:  

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Ongoing Research Presentation: ‘Le Geek, C’est Clique? Descriptive and Emotional Meanings of Science in Online Fora’

The full slides, script, and recording for presentation given at Science In Public and 4S/EASST.  Please do not use without contacting me first.

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In Partial Praise of Post-Truth Politics

In an odd way, political events of the last few months reminded me of the Cumbrian floods of 2009.  During this episode, news reportage showed endless footage of various political figures looking serious but sounding upbeat as they promised comprehensive … Continue reading

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Do these lenses suit my face? (Or, methodology as a lifestyle choice).

The language of social sciences has a problem with right levels of drama.  We reserve the driest of terminology – ‘positivism’, ‘constructivism’, ‘relativism’ – for describing some pretty fundamental human processes of making sense of the world.  We then describe … Continue reading

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Never Explain Pilot Recording

I had the wonderful experience of being on the panel for the pilot recording of a new science-ish (emphasis on the ish) comedy podcast ‘Never Explain’.  Future recordings and ticket details here . Was a lot of fun, highly recommended. … Continue reading

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Review of Graham-Smith ‘Unseen Cosmos’ (for British Journal for the History of Science)

Draft of a review I did. May be of interest to those who like popular astronomy, history of popular astronomy, semicolons, and/or bizarrely long sentences. Final version, along with other reviews by some excellent and lovely people, here (behind paywall) … Continue reading

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Can Social Scientists Write More Clearly? Seminar at Oxford Internet Institute

Originally posted on sidewayslookatscience:
A talk I gave at the Oxford Internet Institute . Thanks to Vili Lehdonvirta for organising, and all the (physical and digital) attendees. Update: At the invitation of Vyacheslav Polonski I went back to OII and…

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